Coffeewerk + Press is very excited to announce that we are commissioning four artists to design four cups following the Irish pagan calendar throughout 2020.
The Year opens with Imbolc (February-April). There are themes of Hope and Optimism within this time of contemplation. The very talented Gala Tomasso a Connemara based visual Artist is first up and has surpassed all expectation with her stunning interpretations.

Gala specialises in print, illustration and digital media. Dream states, imaginings, legends and nostalgia are patterns identified throughout her work.
The pagan Goddess, Brigid quickly revealed herself as the central character of Gala’s collection. Brigid was a matriarchal deity to compassion, art and song, bringing light and optimism into a harsh but beautiful landscape. Another focus was Brigid’s love of animals, which also resonated deeply with Gala, who also works with Madra dog rescue. Brigid represents bringing in the new.