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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Honey, Apple

  • Varietal: Caturra
  • Process: Natural
  • Origin: El Salvador
  • Producer: Fernando Alfaro, Jose Enrique Gutierrez

Fernando Alfaro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez both come from long lines of coffee producers. Together, they run Finca La Providencia under the name of INVERFINCA, SA de C.V. Finca La Providencia, focused on specialty production, sits a 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level in Cantón La Pandeadura in the Ahuacapán department, in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range.

All our coffees come as whole beans however we are happy to grind them for you, please let us know your brew method below.

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