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 Tasting Notes:  Cherry, Limeade, Bergamot

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region: Yirgacheffe
  • Washing Station: Halo Beriti
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Elevation: 1,900-2,150 masl
  • Process: Washed

The Halo Beriti washing station is on the outskirts of Yirgacheffe, and this coffee has a lot of the fun, exciting layers you’d expect from this region: elements of cherry, kiwi, and florals all in one. This coffee is an adventure for the experienced coffee drinker who is looking for those light, tea-like characteristics found in African coffees.

All our coffees come as whole beans however we are happy to grind them for you, please let us know your brew method below.

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