Coffeewerk X Coloral Thermos Bottle


We have teamed up with Coloral to give you the ultimate thermos vacuum insulated bottle. 

Initially designed in the 1940's and also known as a Bidon, this bottle was exceptionally popular amongst pro cyclists all over the world. 

The reengineered 14 fl.oz Coloral bottle is upgraded using food-grade stainless steel brushed for a muted finish.

Its robust design is lightweight and compact, and has been tweaked to fit modern bottle cages.

It’s been vacuum insulated to keep cold drinks cool and your hot drinks piping hot, and there’s no plastic used in the flask or its packaging.

Size: 14 oz / 400ml

We love this bottle so much that on this limited edition series you will find our Coffeewerk + Press logo etched into the lower part of the bottle. 

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