Compostable April Coffee Capsule - Compatible with Nespresso Machines



Each box comes with 10 compostable capsules. All of the capsules are created to taste the best as "short volume brews" and for the optimal result, we recommend a brew-time of 10 seconds (with a volume of 22-26g espresso). 

April puts extra focus on creating a juicy & clean mouthfeel. The capsules will have a lighter body than traditional Capsules. Always stir before drinking.

The material used for these Capsules is Natural Lignin, which is a wood pulp derivative, categorized as Industrially Compostable. Place it in your trash bin for compostable waste. 

Tasting Notes: Yellow Plum, Citrus & Nougat

April is a coffee roastery, rooted in Copenhagen with the vision to progress the way they roast coffee. They believe that where you are matters. It shapes you as a person and a company, that is why they settled in Copenhagen. April is an extension of their interpretation of their city. At April they focus on roasting coffee. That is what they do. It’s their profession and their passion.

All our coffees come as whole beans however we are happy to grind them for you, please let us know your brew method below.

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