Iontas (Wonder)


Coffeewerk + Press are commissioning four artists to design four cups and exhibitions following the Irish pagan calendar throughout 2020. We are delighted to bring you the Bealtaine Collection by Finbar Mc Hugh.

This new collection of work is based on Bealtaine, the bright fires which marked the beginning of our summer season in pagan times. Using three pieces, Finbar wanted to express the feeling of witnessing life as it begins to explode and everything starts to come into bloom again. Pastel clouds, the sound of the waves crashing, speckles of colour drifting across the hills as the flowers rise and fall everywhere. Bealtaine is a special time of year where everyone can connect to the land again through time in nature, from our early sunrise to the short summer nights lit up by the splattering of stars across the sky.

Finbar McHugh is a Galway artist. In 2015 he established his studio here and since then has made it his mission to create a brighter and more colourful world for us to live in. With a background in graffiti and street art Finbar has spent over 15 years painting internationally and all around Ireland. Known more commonly as Finbar247 you may have seen his work popping up on the streets of Galway, from Pump Lane to Bowling Green, the front of Una Taaffes on Shop Street and most recently all around his studio at ‘The Plots’ in Woodquay where he is based.

With his love of colour Finbar creates exhibitions, installations and collections of abstract fine art, from small pieces on paper to large works on canvas. Painting is his meditation, a process where he connects to his inner world so that he can learn - and then share this feeling with others through his practice.

For more work you can connect with Finbar on instagram @finbar247 or learn more about his practice at

This collection is currently being exhibited in our cafe - please note it will be hung until the end of July 2020. Any piece purchased will be delivered within a week of this exhibition finishing. All proceeds of this sale go directly to the artist.

Size: 420 x 297 mm

Arcylic spray paint on acid free paper, gold metal frame with double mount behind invisible glass.  Colour may vary slightly from image. 

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