Coffeewerk X April | EL SOCORRO | Washed Guatemala Espresso


Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Caramel & Melon

  • Origin | Guatemala
  • Process | washed 
  • Varietal | Java

A project created by Coffeewerk + Press, Galway and April Coffee Roasters Copenhagen. A collaboration partnering with others to grow, learn and develop. 

All of our coffees are sustainably sourced, working towards a better future for farmers.

 Artwork by Niamh Swanton

Niamh is an Irish performative photographer. She uses both performance and staged photography to explore the inner workings of one's mind. Creating tangible forms from the thoughts and emotions in question.

All our coffees come as whole beans however we are happy to grind them for you, please let us know your brew method below.

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