Farmlife Book


There is a culinary connection between a plot of land and your plate of food, whether it's handmade goat cheese, hearty meatballs, or fresh honey.

Follow Farmlife on the path from farm to table – farmers, chefs, beekeepers, florists, food activists and foragers from different parts of the world tell their stories and share their dishes. Recipes pair with anecdotes and illustrations; be it Tom Mountz of Happy Cat Farm telling a tale of heirloom seeds in Pennsylvania, Edgmere Farm in New York transforming the concrete plot of a once abandoned parking lot into a lush organic farm, or the chefs at Stedsans creating a masterpiece of a meal in a sustainable kitchen without electricity in the woods of Sweden, Farmlife offers a story for every palate. 

Full colour, hardcover, stitch binding, 256 pages.

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