Ór Wildflower Honey


Ór Wildflower Honey comes exclusively from a small apiary of four hives in Menlo, on the shores of Lough Corrib. The area surrounding the apiary is a patchwork of small fields and hedgerows bursting with wildflowers, giving the bees a wide range of nectar and pollen to forage over the spring and summer seasons. The hives are perched on an area of karst limestone pavement, uncultivated and unfertilised comparable to that of the Burren and boasting a similar variety of flora. The apiary is approximately 4 miles from Coffeewerk + Press.

The beekeeping

The hives are managed using natural beekeeping methods, working with the biodynamic calendar and with the rhythm of the bees. We do not feed the bees sugar syrup as a food supplement which is often used by conventional beekeepers to boost bee numbers and honey production. We only harvest the surplus honey leaving the bees with the rest for overwintering.

The bees

Our bees are native dark honeybees (Apis mellifera mellifera) which have evolved on this island for thousands of years, adapting to our climate and variable weather. They are naturally docile in nature and are frugal with their honey stores which helps them survive during periods of bad weather.

The honey

This raw unblended honey is unfiltered and unpasteurised as nature and the bees intended. Raw honey will crystallise over time. Ideally, keep at room temperature.

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