NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA is a Japanese sock company established in 1950. Their concept “Hakuhito omoi” means, “thinking of the person who will be wearing our products.” They are meticulous about selecting only the finest quality of natural materials, sophisticated designs, and knitting patterns all within a reasonable price setting.

Eco-silk and recycled cotton are blended to create these soft and impressionable socks. NIshiguchi took the extra fine cotton fibres called virgin cotton that remain after yarn is produced and ran it through a specialised spinning machine. This special yarn is combined with silk thread. Enjoy both the smooth texture of silk and the softness of cotton. These crew-type socks are fluffy and comfy — ideal to wear from spring to summer. Also available in classic white. 

Material: 44% Silk, 43% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 1% Elastane

Sizes available:
Small EUR 36-40
Medium EUR 40-44

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