Zinc-Plated Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern


The Feuerhand lantern began in Beierfeld in the Saxon Ore Mountains when brothers Hermann and Ernst Nier founded a production centre for hurricane lanterns in 1893. One hundred years later, the Feuerhand is still manufactured in Germany and has gained cult status. Its sophisticated construction ensures economic kerosene consumption, enabling the Feuerhand to burn for about 20 hours with one tankful.

This unpainted edition is the classic among hurricane lanterns. All versions of the Baby 276 are zinc-plated and the coloured editions are powder-coated. The lanterns are rust resistant and the flame is protected from wind to ensure it burns evenly. The Feuerhand 276 hurricane lantern combines practicality and perfect design.

Tank capacity: 0.34 litre(s)
Burning time: ca. 20 hour(s)
Material: steel, zinc-plated
L x W x H (in cm): 13.5 x 15 x 26.5

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